Dead Pretty

These balmy nights bring eerie silence
The moon is bright tonight; a waxing crescent.
Winter’s fetid air of damp Earth gone
Lilacs and sweet peas perfume the breeze.

My peace is not to last.
Bristles on my neck.
Horripilation. Macabre paranoia.

My panicked strides freeze
Your silhouette towering ahead.
There is nowhere to run.

Moonlight lifts the veil on your visage.
Hollow cheeks and regal cheekbones.
Sallow skin. Obsidian eyes.
Lips as bloodless as Death.
The truest horror.

A scream dries up before it leaves my lips
Lips that can only form one word.

Curiously, you cup my face
Transparent hands colder than your eyes.
And you speak to me.

I have waited for you for a hundred summers
You are so beautiful, even through your tears
How about it tonight?
Immortality is the greatest gift I can give.

Fear waning. Replaced by longing.
You graze my throat, releasing the red beads of life
I turn to ice.

Falling. Lifeless and frozen.
My last sensation: Those anaemic lips on mine.
Falling. In love and into darkness.
One and the same.


© Velma Velvet and affairsofthemindpoetry, 2018

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