My lips are dry.
I notice only when you trace them with speckled eyes.
We sychronise.
Hearts beat as one.
A genuflecting metronome.

It feels as if we would die
Were we not breathing in each other.
What does your skin feel like?
My hand anticipates warm velvet but feels gooseflesh,
Pores erect under tentative fingertips.

It’s strange how your body is so different to mine,
Your fine hair falls gracefully, my wirey crop stands fast,
Voluminous breasts inches from my own humble chest
I stand petite and boy-like, your hips sway beneath a narrow waist.

But, naked and unguarded, we are the same.
Our desires become as one.
Hankering for perfect synergy.
And we know each other like we know ourselves.

My lips are dry.
I notice as you wet them for the sixth time.
You hypnotise.
Pulses throb as one.



© Velma Velvet and affairsofthemindpoetry, 2018


  1. Love the sensuality of this female-female interlude. The sense of perceived contrast as we read and share in her thoughts adds to the realness and excitement of what she is feeling. As the reader, I imagine them both equally beautiful…the differences but subtle nuances to the male mind.


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