Night Blooming

Night bloomers.
Those who in the darkness half-dream carnal phases
Pull you closer, like a comforter.

Eyes still closed,
Brains tiring, knowing only delusions,
Bodies fire up like startled engines.

Curled up, knees to chest.
Sudden isolated pressure against soft flesh.
Flesh that bleeds, that craves, that anticipates.

An intake of breath,
As a piston reciprocates, drives hot steam over skin.
Windows fog, rythmic panting.

Hands clasping.
Then releasing, shells crashing together
Reaching over, circling the crown of nirvana

And you wilt.
Spent once again as the night consumes the ardent energy.
The stars are yours. You made them.



© Velma Velvet and affairsofthemindpoetry, 2018

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