Hold her head in your hands
And trace the freckled visage like a pebbled beach.
Her lips part and tremble, plump and tender.

Let your hands caress her form
And draw her against you, bosom to stomach as she,
Demigoddess of the night, kisses a ballad across dimpled skin.

New sensations as dancing hands
Become flint and steel starting a burning inferno of Aphrodisia,
Tongues sing out a building ode to Venus and Astarte.

Head rocks back, eyelids flicker,
Softly scented, soprano sighs,
Lipstick smudges across quaking thighs
Breathing hard, pulses quicker.

And at the zenith is where she’ll smile
Worship your rapture, sweat-drenched skin,
Pleading eyes and trembling chin.
Oh, your Sappho; how she does beguile.



© Velma Velvet and affairsofthemindpoetry, 2018


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