Goodbye Mr. Nice Guy

Stop being so nice to me.
I’m yours to use
To bruise and abuse

Hate me
God humiliate me.

The thrill is in my bones nearly breaking
The grazes on my wrists, oh, my arms are aching.

Bent double

Stop being so nice to me.
You know I like that.
Tighter straps. Louder slaps.

Do something I don’t like
Hit me where it hurts
Where you know I don’t want it
Where you beg to assert

Your authority
What safe word
Take it and see.

Just stop being nice to me.



© Velma Velvet and affairsofthemindpoetry, 2018


    • Hey, thank you! I am a huge fan of my rhetorical devices 😉 I used to rhyme all the time (haha!) but my poems were rubbish. So now I just rhyme where I think it’s appropriate. I think it’s a good method of demonstrating rhythm which, I think, makes sense when writing sex. But here it’s almost used as a whimsical accessory for something that comes across as so brutal. Almost emphasises the ‘fun’ element, I think.

      Now let me let you into a little secret…. I’ve never, ever read erotic poetry. Apart from the ones I had to study at school by Carol Ann Duffy, though they were rarely saturated in eroticism. I am a total erotica virgin, you might say.


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